ACWAP Accelus Keynote


Deep inside, you have more capacity, more potential than you know. These action notes are designed to work with you, prompting you to paint a grander vision for your life. Remember this, when the clouds are full it rains. Take the time to invest in your growth because in order to transform culture and change a city, we need you at your very best.


acwap accelus keynote

The invisible ceiling

What holds me back from being the person I am called to be?

Becoming conscious of my ceiling. What are the untruths that have held me captive?

How can I change my narrative?

What are the voices around you saying? Which ones are for you and which ones are against you?

Who do you have that speaks truth, challenging you to think bigger? How can you find more people like this?

What am I doing to embed this truth in my life?


Who am I created to be?

I am created on purpose for a purpose.

What are my unique gifts, strengths? What am I doing when I'm my most energised? 

Think back to my childhood. What are the things that captured my interest?

How do I apply my gifts to my work?

Mastering the art of deliberate practice. What stretch goals have I set myself? Where am I getting feedback and do I have checkpoints to reflect and refine?

Cultivating my purpose. How does my work provide meaning to my life and the lives of others?


Create my future

The future belongs to the bold.

What future are my current decisions creating for me?

ACTION MINDSET - What do I need to get going with?

GROWTH MINDSET - What setbacks, disappointments, experiences can I learn from?

LEARNING MINDSET - Who am I seeking advice from? How is it informing me of my calculated risks?

GENEROSITY MINDSET - How are my decisions creating a better future for everybody?