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The Career Race. Which Course Should I Take?

Everyone has their own set of dream in their heads, some wants to dress in Tom Ford suits to prove themselves in the legal world, others want to stay behind their apple computers designing. But there are some things in common for most, we want to be that successful person in our heads bringing a…

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Life Without Risks Isn’t Living

I’ve always had big dreams for my life.  I envision myself to be a person of influence and leadership no matter what career choice I end up in.  To travel across the world and speak on platforms and stages that would reach countless spheres, effecting a tangible positive change in the community. I also know that I’ve been…

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Disappointment. I am.

Words. They can either uplift you or crush you.  It’ so interesting how easy it is for us to not recognise how powerful words are. We fail to identify the repercussions of our choice of words.  Let me tell you a story of a young girl called Leah whom I met at the Purpose Workshop…

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