Say yes – what’s ahead will surprise you.


Have you ever been faced with a simple yes/ no decision?

At the beginning of this year, they found an 8.6 cm tumour on my liver. As you can imagine, it rocked my world. The sleepless nights, wondering what the future held for me.

Then I was presented with a simple yes/ no.

A coffee with a gap year student turned into something bigger than I could anticipate. I soon found myself surrounded with six incredibly talented individuals all searching for the answer to the question “what’s my life’s purpose?”

I didn’t know what the outcome would be, but I said yes. It’s amazing to see how much momentum a yes can gather.

Over this year, we have laughed, cried and journeyed through life together unpacking what purpose looks like. This week, two have left the nest, gathering speed as they run headfirst into creating their futures.

I’ve been encouraged by their bold audaciousness, their courage as they go and chase their dreams.

Inspired, I too have decided to say yes to a new adventure.

Today, I come back to a world I know so well but this time with a new lens.

I step into my own future as MD – Perth/ Singapore, Head of Diversity for Tardis Group. A global human capital advisory firm, specialising in executive search and recruitment. It’s an opportunity for me to put into practice everything I believe and influence culture on a whole new level.

I know what you are thinking, what does that mean for Accelus? Well, our story is not yet over.

In fact, we are just beginning.

We are putting our finishing touches of PURPOSE an 8-week program designed to help you live the life you were born to live. To help you uncover your unique identity, to play bigger than you have, to break through your greatest fears and create the future you want.

I’ve been blessed to connect with new group of passionate, talented people who want to change the world. Their purpose is to help unlock the purpose in others.

We dream big but we start small.

There is still a lot to do this changing the world stuff…. Creating a brighter, better future for us all.

But I know this.

It starts with saying yes.

And when we do…. anything is possible.

X Phebe

& Accelus team


P.S Are you a purpose driven individual wanting to influence culture? We are looking for partners in 2019. Click here to connect with us.