Why experience isn’t everything.

gender parity

“But I don’t have enough experience. I know they want someone with a strong background in corporate finance”

I sat, watching my private coaching client explain why she wasn’t right for the role.

She had just spent the last ten minutes outlining what was wrong with that business unit. They were amidst a huge transition where they were shutting down different product lines and merging businesses.

“They need someone who will take the reigns and rebuild the teams. They have great people, but they are lost without a leader.”

She had worked for her firm for years, had single handily managed the transition of the business unit. She had a team of 48 people who loved her and would have done anything for her.

Instead of focusing on her talents, what makes her unique, she chose to focus on what she was missing.

To her, she needed to fill all the boxes before she would apply for the job. And to be honest, I see this happen A LOT, especially with high potential female talent.

After a decade of recruiting, I noticed a man would tick 70% of the job requirements but would still put their hand up for the role and honestly believe they were the best candidate.

A woman who has the same 70% of the job requirements, would self-select themselves out of the race because they believed that you needed the 100% to apply. They chose to focus on what they did not have, the missing 30%.

Research shows it’s going to take 170 years until we reach gender parity.

We can accelerate this, and YOU have a part to play.

If you are the woman waiting to tick all the boxes, then I urge you to stop. Look at what you have, the 70%. Find what makes you unique your talents, strengths and abilities and focus on harnessing that. You will learn the other 30%.

We need YOU to step up. We will never move forward if you don’t.

If you are someone (male or female) watching this happen, then we need your help. We need you to help support her, encourage her and sponsor her. Help her see her uniqueness. Help her see how she will add value. Help her realise all the amazing abilities she already has.

Without YOU, we cannot move forward.

Oh and yes. Back to my story.

After our conversation, my client put together a business case why she would be the best candidate for the role. She detailed out all her strengths, unique talents and abilities. She demonstrated how her past experiences, her career wins would help lay the foundations for this business. She put together a strategy of what she would do if she got the job.

Long story short….

She got the job.

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