The way we work is changing

Are you?

It's time to discover a new way of working. Time to unlock the power of human potential. Time to create your own future. We work to help you incubate talent, cultivate potential, build capacity and inspire the human spirit.

Simply put we


Our strengths based coaching programs leverage individual talent, driving personal performance and productivity.


We help you transform your business from the inside out. We provide strategy, recruitment, development and capacity building.


We are story-tellers who speak to inspire the human spirit. Our specialties include human potential, future of work, diversity and inclusion, leadership, culture and purpose.

Seriously. Does this matter?

Your people are your greatest asset. And the truth is, we all have more in common than what separates us. We want to be valued for who we are, have a voice that will be heard and most importantly have meaning in the work we do. Don't believe us? Ask your people.


We all have talents. But as with anything, we need to grow, refine and develop our natural abilities.


Work shouldn't just be a place we go to. It should be where we thrive and do what we love to do.


We want to be valued for who we are. Diversity and inclusion is more than a HR policy, its a way of life.

Here is what our clients say

Accelus changed the way we do talent

"After working with the team at Accelus, we realised how we were boxing every stage of our talent process, from recruitment to development. We now recruit for talent instead of experience and the results have been phenomenal. We are now working with them to develop our talent and can't wait to see the results."

- Financial services, Perth

Drawn out the best out in our people.

"Accelus has played a key role in developing our female talent pipeline. Their strengths based coaching has drawn out the best in our people." 

- Professional services, Perth

She opened my eyes and challenged my way of thinking.

“Phebe challenged my way of thinking. I was going to go with another candidate but she opened my eyes to the possibilities. I am glad as the candidate she recommended has far exceeded my expectations.” 

- Engineering consultancy, Perth

I wasn't even looking at hiring

“Phebe has a keen eye for talent. I wasn’t looking for staff, but she approached me off the cuff with a high calibre candidate who she said I just had to meet. I met her for a coffee and immediately understood why Phebe had recommended her to me. I normally struggle to find candidates with that skill set and although I didn’t have a vacancy, I know how hard they are to come by. Needless to say, I hired her.”

- Mining, Perth

She built up our high-potential female talent pipeline.

“I trusted Phebe with our high-potential female talent. Her career coaching package has made a visible impact and I have seen the increased confidence and skills in my team. The feedback I have received from participants is that she understands what they are going through and is able to give practical advice to help build their skills.”

- Financial services, Perth

Thank you for your insights

“We have had many corporate development workshops; this was by far the best. Phebe had us hooked in from the very beginning with her high energy style.”

- Financial services, Perth

"We all want to find purposeful, meaningful work. Work that plays to our natural talents and strengths."

Phebe Cho

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