Dear graduating student

work experience

Dear student,

I know many of you work very hard at University – constantly motivating yourself to get good grades, have a good social life and discover your passions but what do you want the most at the end of all of this?

I hear you; because I am one of you. We all want careers.

We’ve all heard what a tough market it is, and how in some areas around the world, it’s nearly impossible to get your first job. But I know this, all over the world, people are getting hired every single day. I want to share with you three important lessons I have learned since starting on my own career journey.

  1. Nothing beats work experience.

I’ll start with the most important aspect of entering the workforce. Get work experience. Whether it is voluntary work or paid work having experience is much more important than you may think. Getting high distinctions in all of your units is great, but it’s not enough to fully qualify you for a job. Employers want to see how you interact with others, how you learn, what accomplishments you have had. All of these skills we gain from work experience.

So the work experience you are offered isn’t paid?

So What?! Getting unpaid work experience is just as beneficial as getting paid work experience so take any opportunity you can get.

  1. Find your true passion

An employer is looking for someone who is passionate about their field and not just there for the money. Yes, we all want money so we can live a decent solid lifestyle, but at the same time, we want to do something we love and are passionate about. I know a number of senior executives who are in jobs that they cannot stand. Make sure as you are starting your career journey; you know what you are passionate about.

  1. Accept diversity

This is essential. Research shows that diverse teams produce better results. Diverse teams are made up of different people, people who look different to you, have different stories, different backgrounds, different experiences. To thrive in today’s market, you have to be able to work with people from all walks of life and not hold a bias.

The world is full of possibilities. We are walking into the most exciting time in history, not to mention our lives. I’m excited to see where we will go. Are you ready?

Written by Jack Walton

Jack is an Intern with Accelus. A student at Curtin University studying a Bachelor of Arts, Mass Communication Jack is passionate about all things diversity and tapping into your limitless potential. He sees the world through a positive lens and believes that anything is possible.