Find another door

Career opportunity

For the last twelve years I have worked for a global recruitment firm. Every day, I connected with women and heard their stories. They opened up to me sharing their personal experiences. Some spoke about hitting the glass ceiling, others struggled to find their voice in a male dominated workplace. I heard of unfair treatment in business. Stories which would make you cringe.

Companies where women were paid less than their male counterparts. I saw first hand women holding women back (I later learned, there is apparently a special place in hell for those women! Thank you Madeleine Albright.)

These women came from every walk of life. Women at every stage of their career, in every industry and from every city.

Then it happened to me and things got personal. (A little more on that later)

Don’t let a closed door stop you. Look forward, find your voice, find courage and look for another door. Accelerate women was birthed from this very experience.

What was a difficult time, is now a source of strength. I have taken from that experience great lessons and rich learnings. I am using it to fuel the next chapter of my journey. We will all go through rough patches. For some it will be in your careers, for others it maybe in your personal life. I encourage you to look for another door when one closes. Muster all your inner strength and courage. Find another door and have the confidence to walk through it.

This is my story. I have decided to use my expertise and my story to empower other women. Who knows what tomorrow holds. I believe if we all help each other; we can make the world a better place.