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How one woman has accelerated her career

Working in a male-dominated industry hasn’t been a problem for Nadia Tamigi. In fact, she attributes her success to fantastic male champions of change who have sponsored and advocated for her as she has climbed through the ranks. She is ambitious and has her eyes set firmly on the future. Here she shares her insights into the Financial Services industry.

Q. Nadia, Thank you so much for shedding insight into your career journey within Financial Services. The industry has such a reputation for a glass ceiling and boys club culture yet you have been with ANZ for over a decade. Can you tell us about your about experience?

I started at ANZ, straight out of university. Over the years, I have seen the business change its gender mix. When I first started, management was predominantly male, but the time I was a Branch Manager at 22, the balance had started to shift. We worked hard at bringing diversity at all levels, and not only gender diversity but diversity of background and skills.

Q. When was your first big break?

When I was 22, I was promoted to be the Branch Manager. It was a big jump, but I had a fantastic line manager who sponsored me. He was incredibly passionate about career progression and took me under his wing. It was a big risk on his part, but he saw something in me, believed in my talent, and opened the door for me. He is still my mentor today.

Q. You have been promoted numerous times within your time at ANZ. What advice do you give to our community on how to fast track your career?

Ever since my first management role, I’ve had six promotions! My biggest advice, other than having the right sponsor is to think about your role strategically. My advice is not to chase the role and the title. Think about where you want to be and the skills and experience you need to gather for your toolbox. Sometimes you will need to take a sideways step or do things outside your passion area. I took on a project role, to broaden my skills in quality and compliance while the advice was to take on a bigger management role. It was the best experience as I had the ability to learn new skills and bring it back and apply it in different ways.

As a mentor, I always get the question, “how long do you need to be in the role?” I always say you set the benchmark on your career. I never set timeframes, as people learn and develop differently.

Q. As an employer, ANZ have a big diversity agenda, and it is very front of mind. How does this relate to you as the employee? What benefits do you see?

We all have work to do, but we do build confidence. We are working to build up more senior women. We have set up networks, where I’m lucky to contribute and be involved, LEANIN and our Young Professional Networks. I believe it is critical to have role models to look up too, align yourself too. We need women around the table. We need different points of view, and that only comes with embracing diversity.

Q. What do you see on the horizon in regards to your market? Any advice to people wanting to explore a career in that area?

This is a great time to be joining the financial services industry. I see there is a boldness for change and a strong appetite to be bringing in diversity, that is being led by senior leaders. We are seeing more leaders prepared to close the diversity gap and really value the experiences and differences that people bring to the workplace. At ANZ in WA, we have done plenty of work to make our business more cohesive, diverse and collaborative team.

Q. You have a team of 16 direct reports/ business 130 what do you look for when you are hiring staff?

When I first started, the emphasis was to recruit candidates with a banking background. Now we have changed the approach, looking for diverse backgrounds. I look at candidates with different industry experience and what things they are involved in outside of work. Things they are committed to, passionate about, areas to explore leadership.

Q. Finally, what are you looking forward too? What is the next thing for you in your career?

I’m still adding to my toolbox. I love banking. It resonates with me. I’ve been in the industry for over a decade, and I have learnt so much. I think there is an opportunity to expand globally, to work in different cultures. I’m open to the possibilities.


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Q. Biggest piece of career advice?

Be prepared to fail

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Q. Role models who have inspired you.

Michelle Bridges – She is so passionate about what she does. I followed her program Fearless and she is so inspiring.

Ellen – Read a lot about her background. She is so passionate, loves renovation and stands for LGBT rights. I love her view. She is creative and brings laughter to series things.