What happened to my job?

future of work

Ten years.

A lot can change in that time.

Ten years ago, I spent my time waiting for friends to come online so we could chat on MSN. Ten years ago I had to monotonously click one button 3 times just to get the letter I wanted while texting on the old school brick phones. Ten years ago, it was normal to be pausing, rewinding and fast forwarding on a VRC.

How the world of technology has changed!

Today, in our pockets and at our fingertips are devices that enable us to connect, access knowledge, entertainment and so much more. Its influence in our lives is undeniable.

Technology is disrupting the very way we work.

The future world of work faces many rapid changes and uncertainties that have the potential to disrupt the lives millions of employees globally. Automation has been making jobs obsolete in recent years and will continue to do so. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Cue panic attack and hysterical screaming. But this doesn’t have to be so scary if we are preparing for these imminent forces and accept that they will reshape our workforce and economy.

We must continue to adapt and innovate.

For example, self-driving cars are already being developed and trialled. There are some that focus on the fact this will create unemployment groups of people dependent on driving, such as bus drivers. But how I see it, there are particular qualities and skills honed that a bus driver possesses which cannot be replaced. Their ability to think quickly on their feet, the ability to work with people from a range of backgrounds and having a friendly and courteous manner is useful for jobs where a great deal of empathy, organisation and communication skills are needed.

Knowing your true strengths will get you far as you explore these deeper instead of being tied down to fit a box. Many jobs require a variety of skills that you can apply your own strengths to. There are so many possibilities out there so you don’t have to fear the uncertainty of the future.

Written by Michelle Lai

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