The key to your limitless potential.


“Mummy, it sports carnival day!” my 5-year-old, squealing with delight as she pranced around the house.

I broke into a smile.

From year one to six, I came last in every sports carnival race there was. Everyone had crossed the finish line, and there I was, huffing and puffing down the 100-meter track.

Every year, I got the “I participated” award.

In my final year of primary school, our family moved homes, and I found myself enrolled in a brand new school.

It dawned on me; no one knew who I was. No one knew how fast I ran. All the cool kids were the fastest kids. And that, I decided was what I wanted.

So began my gruelling training….

Every day, I practised running up and down the yard.

Soon, I beat my little brother (wasn’t so hard as he was three years younger than me.)

Every day, I kept practising, running up and down the yard.

By the time I started in my new school, I believed I was the fastest girl in the class. I went so far as to tell everybody how fast I was.

And soon, it was crunch time.

As I stretched and warmed up, I visualised what it was like to cross the finish line. To have the 1st blue sticker stuck to my school uniform. I imagined what it would be like to win.

Bang, the gun went off.

How is this story relevant to your career or your life?

It has everything to do with where you are and where you are headed.

You see, the world’s only limitless resource is human potential. And all over the world, in our businesses, our communities and our homes, there is so much untapped potential.


Your belief is your reality.

Honestly, ask yourself this question, what beliefs do you have about your career?

Do you believe that you have what it takes to be the best? That you have the innate talents and abilities, the skills and desire to climb that ladder?

Because if you truly do, then you will start to act differently.

You will start to look at opportunities to harness your skills. You will start to put your hand up for projects. Intuitively your subconscious will create opportunities for you to be noticed.

Your standards will improve. You will no longer benchmark against average; you will seek to go above the highest performing person.

Suddenly it’s not about what did or did not happen. There are no longer excuses; it’s only action. You are accountable only to the standards you have set for yourself. And those standards drive you to be better, to do better.

Your belief is your reality.

The key to reaching your limitless potential is right in front of you.

What do you chose to believe?

Oh, and for those interested…. I crossed the finish line equal first.

My name is Phebe Cho and I’m the founder of Accelus, a new voice in the workplace. We believe that the world is changing and the old rules no longer apply. We are a talent consultancy and a coaching academy shaping the future of human potential. Join the movement, and get weekly career changing content delivered straight to your inbox.