5 things to know about LinkedIn


Whether you’re a student at a university or the CEO of a multinational company, chances are you own a LinkedIn profile.

And if you don’t, I strongly recommend you do as LinkedIn is the biggest professional network in the world with over 500 million unique accounts.

Why is LinkedIn important for your career?

The world we live in is been disrupted from every angle. Fifteen years ago, to build your career connections, you had to either physically meet a person, exchange cards or perhaps get connected through an email or phone introduction. But how would you know who to connect with?

LinkedIn presents us with a world of opportunities.

You can build your professional profile, connect with professionals, headhunt for talent, hunt for jobs. Expanding your connections opens you to endless opportunities.

Well, you may have spent hours detailing and improving your profile, yet you feel as if your connections have not grown. Trust me I’ve been there myself. So what can you do to connect with the 500 million users on LinkedIn?

Let’s explore a few simple tips I’ve found to help increase my network!

1. Have a profile picture
First thing’s first, it is inherent that you have a profile. Duh. The first thing a viewer will see is your profile picture. Did you know you are 36 more times likely to get a message if you have a profile picture? Personally I find that I’m less likely to connect with people who don’t have a picture profile.

2. Join interest group
There are thousands and thousands of interest groups on LinkedIn. By being a part of a community you are automatically connected to people who have an interest in a particular topic or subject matter. Be active, take part in conversations and discussions. Commenting or liking a post is a powerful tool that can get you more exposure.

3. Don’t be too professional
Spoiler alert, LinkedIn is not Facebook. Having said that, don’t be afraid to show your personality. People connect with people, not profiles, so be sure to tell your story.

4. Connect with interesting people
When I first started using LinkedIn, I connected only with people who I either have personal or professional affiliations with. This limited my network. Recently I have been able to connect with a broader range of people. It’s been a fascinating process which is opening up a world of possibilities.

5. Write an introduction
Take the time to write an introduction or when you get a request, thank them for the connection. After all, it is still your professional network. There is no point having thousands of connections, if you are not engaging with them.

As a millennial starting out in my career, these are some of the things that stood out to me as I grow my own LinkedIn network. I challenge you, let’s be more active and change a few of our approaches. Be more open in expressing your views in communities, and your network will grow in no time!

Written by Yongky Andinata.

Yongky is an Intern with Accelus bringing an unique perspective, blending studies in Engineering and Commerce. He has a keen eye for marketing and analytics and is driven to be involved in his community. Born in Indonesia and educated in Australia, he loves travelling around the world and immersing himself in the different cultures. Yongky is excited to be involved with the Accelus vision, shaping the future of human potential.