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Miss Honey.

She was my daughters Kindy teacher. That year, was the first time she taught a child of a former student. For twenty plus years, she taught and still teaches in the same school. Some would think, you’d be sick of the job by now.

But, not Miss Honey.

She is exactly the type of teacher we all wished we had. One that nurtures and nourishes the mind. She is patient, kind and draws out the best in everybody.

It’s no surprise that all her students love her.

At the end of Kindy, my daughter came home with a giant scrapbook that Miss Honey lovingly made. The book was filled with pictures, samples of my daughters work all with handwritten commentary. It took her hours, to complete.

And she did one for all 28 children in the class.

She sat at home, after school, on weekends crafting each and every book.

No one had asked her to do it. It wasn’t part of her “job”

But to Miss Honey, it is every part of who she is.

For over two decades, in every class, for every student, Miss Honey had only one purpose. It was to serve her children. It didn’t mean she would clean up after you, on the contrary, as I noted on one parent volunteer morning.

Her mission was to bring out the best in each and every one of her children. She took all her natural gifts and talents and worked according to her calling.

We are in the home stretch of 2017.  I wanted to finish the year by asking you this question.

Are you working to your calling?

As we approach year-end, so many of us are tired. The world of work has left us depleted and diminished, clinging on to the hope of rest offered by the holiday season.

Do you work to live or Do you live to work?

As a seasoned recruiter, I know that January is the month of reflection. So many take the time out and decide that enough is enough. They are tired of the commute. Tired of job and they take action. They draft their CV, scroll through online job adverts and start to ponder about what opportunities are ahead.

This year, I urge you to do it differently.

Ask yourself this, am I doing what I am called to do?

Does my work play to my strengths and talents? Do I have the opportunity to do what I do best every single day? Does the work I do, fill me with energy? Does it inspire my soul? Does the work I do have meaning to me? Do I work to live or do I live to work?

In 2018, I invite you to do work differently. To do what is right for you. To do what is right for the community and society.

You might be a banker, an accountant or a teacher. You might make coffee at the local cafe. Whatever your vocation, do it with all that is within you, to serve the people you should be serving.  Anyone who has had a bad cup of coffee in the morning, will know exactly what I mean. Your work matters.

In 2018, let’s take a leaf out of Miss Honey’s book and live to work.

P/S Just in case you didn’t know, Miss Honey is not her real name but she does exist. You can thank Roald Dahl for inspiring her name.

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