Self-Doubt? Three things to hit it on its head

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To the voices of doubt playing in my head.


I don’t need you in my life.

To the whispers that say I am not good enough.


I don’t want to hear you.

To the call of judgment that compares me to everyone else


I don’t want to play at anyone else’s game but my own.

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking about my life. I’ve made some bold and audacious moves in my career and business.

Every single one of them was marked by voices of self-doubt.

“Am I good enough….”

“Will I be able too…”

“They have more talent than you…”

“They have a better business model…”

The reality is there are about 7.5 billion people in this world. And every single one of us is uniquely created. We are completely and utterly different.

There is no point trying to fit into someone else’s perception of what you should be.

I truly believe to unlock your limitless potential; that there will be days, you will hear voices of self-doubt. These voices question your ability. They question your talent.

But to me, those voices aren’t something to be afraid of. In fact, they are there because you are starting to unlock something. There are there because you are stretching yourself, pushing yourself to be a better version of you.

You are reaching for your next milestone.

Putting your hand up for the next project.

You are saying YES.

And yes, always has a price. If YES were easy, then everyone would do it.

So here’s what to do when you start hearing those voices

Remember your future ambitions

Start with the end in mind. Any project managers out there will know exactly what I mean. They start with the end project, the delivery date, and specification and work back from there.

I always say to my private coaching clients, have a goal. An audacious vision of where you want to be. No one else’s vision of your life, but what you want. Hold yourself accountable to that and use it as your sanity check. Always ask yourself, are you edging one step closer to your end goal?

Have a cheerleader

Life is a journey. We were never meant to travel it alone. There will be the naysayers; I jokingly call them the dream killers. Sometimes it’s the people that love us the most.  They don’t want us to get hurt, and this is their way of trying to protect us. Know that, and have a place for it, but remember you are in charge of your destiny.

Equally, there will be cheerleaders, those who enable us, push us to be the best version of ourselves. When you have your moments, find your cheerleader because their words of encouragement will egg you on. They help strengthen you.

Also, I think it incredibly important to say,  that you be a cheerleader for someone too. Every single day, look for opportunities to give back to your community whether be at work, in your family or your communities. How can you encourage someone else? When you see someone taking a step forward, what can you say to encourage them?

Know yourself

We are all abundantly blessed with natural strengths and talents. It’s in our genetic makeup and it was there when we were children. I often talk about my little girl, she’s five, and I can already see her strengths. Her teachers see it too, in her two report cards she has had in her schooling career, both teachers have said how she likes to lead and command play. It’s a part of her, no matter where she is, who she is with it starts to show.

So what are your strengths? What are you innately talented in? What comes so naturally to you that when you are operating in that space, it’s so effortless? When you know yourself when you are so rooted in who you are; your understanding of what makes you unique, your strengths and talents. When the moments of self-doubt come, go back to your strengths. It’s the source of your limitless potential.

If you hear voices of self-doubt, then remember this

That means you are pushing and stretching yourself.

That means only one thing….

You are moving forward

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