"A passionate and dynamic speaker. Phebe speaks from her heart."

Accelus keynote

Want to inspire the human spirit? An Accelus keynote brings fresh ideas with game changing perspectives to shift mindsets. Our speakers are gifted story-tellers who speak around the word on topics including; Human Potential, Future of Work, Diversity & Inclusion, Purpose and Culture.

Do work differently

A game- changing approach to talent management

Today the world of work has left so many people depleted, diminished and disengaged. But what if work could be different? Space for us to flourish and thrive.

It’s time to reimagine the way we work. Building meaningful experiences that shape the future of how and why we work.

“Do work differently,” unpacks and provides the tools for businesses to increase performance. This keynote focuses on three critical people areas: find, keep and growing talent.

Be ready to shift existing mindsets, opening up to game-changing insights. Walk away with practical strategies to transform your team and your workplace.


Unlock your limitless potential

How to drive personal performance

How do some seem to excel at things so easily? For others, its a struggle? In a crowded marketplace, learn how to stand apart, by being who you are born to be.

Our workshop helps you identify and pinpoint your competitive edge, and teaches you the practical tools to sharpen it to a competitive advantage.

Discover why talent is nothing, if you don't apply yourself. Prepare to bring your personal performance to another level, answering your call and unlocking your limitless potential.