Stop. Reset. GO

Find your Calling

I don’t know about you, but this year has rushed by. Going a million miles an hour, busy being busy.

And it’s funny how things work out.

Somewhere in October I suddenly crashed.

At a conference in the Goldcoast, 104-bed bug bites stopped me. Well, technically it wasn’t the bites that stopped me. It was the delayed allergic reaction that brought me to my knees and eventually to the hospital.

For four days, I lay, incapacitated, unable to do anything.

I Stopped.

It’s amazing what a little space can do.

That space. Let’s call it “whitespace.” It is defined as the space in typography. Around the boardroom table, it also means unrealised potential.

I needed that space too; well Reset.

What came to me, in my moment of stillness is we must “do work differently.”

You see, the truth is the world of work today has left a majority of us depleted, diminished and disengaged. We are stuck. Still having the same conversations, wondering why dials are not moving.

But what if, we did work differently?

I mean, if you think about it, we spend more hours of our lives dedicated to our work. PERIOD. More time than you spend with your family and your friends.

Today, work has become a place we go to, to do the thing we get paid for, to live the life we want too. That’s why we TGIF (Thank God its Friday.)

Hear me out, and for a moment, I just want you to think. What if you loved your work?

What is the work you do, plays to your natural strengths. It energises you and fills you with a sense of purpose. What if you were valued, for who you are? That your ideas, your potential was given space to grow and thrive.

What would your life look like?

As we draw nearer to the end of 2017. Many of you, will start to reflect back on the year that has been and take the time out to plan your new year resolutions.

I invite you, to Stop. Reset and Go.

For me, I know I’m more passionate than ever to change the world. This time round, I’ll be doing it from a different lens. One that realises that we have more in common than what differentiates us.

I’m excited about 2018. About the mission that lays before me. Because, honestly if we can do work differently, what will our society look like?

Join me as I GO.

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