What does balance mean?

Working mothers

She looked radiant. Her skin was glowing. It was the healthiest and the best I had seen her since we met ten months ago.

It is funny how things work out, where we meet and connect with people.

We met in the bathroom of a hotel, not exactly the ideal networking space.

A Senior Executive, working for a global consulting firm, running a highly successful multimillion-dollar business.

At the time, she was spending three weeks out of every four, travelling around the world. Working around the clock, across various time zones, delivering million dollar deals.

A couple of months ago, she disappeared.

Last week she called to say she was back in town and would love to meet up.

And, there I sat, over dinner awestruck at the transformation.

She had told me, she had overdosed on prescription drugs and had been in rehab. She had been diagnosed with depression ten years ago and would swing with high peaks and troughs.

She had dedicated her life to her work, spending time away from her family.

Now, she says with a smile, she has refocused.

She still works as a Senior Executive, managing the same multimillion-dollar portfolio. In fact, she has just launched a new business too.

She spends two weeks a month at home, and when she is at home, her schedule has changed. Instead of being in the office at 7.00am she has breakfast with her family. In fact, she is now in charge of school drop-offs. She doesn’t reach the office till 10.00am and is usually out the door by 4.00pm so she can have pizza with the family.

She cringes at the word balance. What does that mean? To her, it is about redesigning her work to fit around her life. She is much happier, in fact for the first time in years, she is off her medication. She has stopped her binge drinking, although enjoyed a nice glass of pinot noir with her meal.

She has a whole new appreciation on life; her children, her husband and her work.

She has chosen to do work differently.

And, ladies and gentleman… is more successful than ever.

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