Will I lose my job to a robot?

Finding my why

Remember the days when the only way we could deposit or withdraw money was at the bank? As a primary school kid, I had a dolomite account and loved to go to the bank with my mum to deposit my weekly pocket money. I had a little passbook, which was covered in stamps and signatures. We would have to race from school, as banks in that day closed at 4.00pm.

How banking has changed over the years!

We’ve evolved from ATMs, to online banking, to apps and it’s still changing.

I can hear the question at the tip of your tongue… Will I lose my job to a robot?

The world is changing at such a rapid rate. Technology is enabling us to do things we never dreamed of doing. It is opening the door of possibilities and opportunities.

Automation is disrupting the way we live. It is making our lives easier, from cutting our time spent in queues at the grocery store to the airport check in. Everything we do is up for disruption.

Accenture research shows that 80% of us expect to lose part of our jobs to automation. It will help us cut out processes, administrative functions, but does that mean we will lose our jobs?

Instead of focusing on automation taking our jobs, let’s focus on the parts automation will never take.

The human element.

You have innate talents and strengths. The years of experience with customers, your business, the industry. Those are things that a robot can never take away.

Let’s talk about your potential. Are you harnessing it? Are you utilising your greatest to advance your career? If not, my question to you is why?

And for the syncs out there, I hear you say; my job is just a job. I’m an engineer; I’m doing something because that is what I studied or that is what I do.

Then I ask you, don’t you want to be doing something that taps into your limitless potential?

So what if you studied something…. That is a key, to open the doors of opportunity. It not the only answer for your career.

So many of my private coaching clients are stuck in a career, that doesn’t utilise their true strengths or begin to harness that potential. Some have spent decades in it, frustrated and at breaking point… Wondering why they left it this long. Is it too late to change? What can I do?

The possibilities are endless. Your potential is limitless.

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