I am enough. Three words which changed my life.

International Womens Day

How I gave up the hustle and why I’m better for it.

Perfectly coiffed hair, one designer handbag after another, the entire fashion world hanging by her every word. Miranda Priestly had it all. I remember being an impressionable 26-year-old, bowled over by the thought of wearing Chanel from head-to-toe. To me, that was the definition of success; an envious wardrobe, a woman on top of her game.

I wanted to be her.

I most certainly wanted that wardrobe.

So I worked hard at climbing my ladder. I threw all my energy into my work. I jumped obstacles and hurdles, broke through glass ceilings. Fueled by what I thought perfection and success was.

On the outside, it seemed real. I had this invisible armour of self-confidence. I had faith in my abilities and where I was headed.

Then I had a breakdown. Or as Brene Brown therapist calls it a “spiritual awakening.”

Tired, burnt out, my body, mind and spirit lay in a disheveled heap.

I had been so busy running towards perfection I had forgotten why I started running in the first place. I was so busy focusing on what I thought would make me happy that I had forgotten what mattered to me.

You see, so often we are running towards “picture perfect” covering ourselves with layers. We tell ourselves little lies that we so desperately want to believe.

We lock our worthiness to something we try so hard to attain.

My breakthrough came when I realised; I am enough.

For it wasn’t the shiny things; the labels, titles and money that defined me. I was uniquely created. Worthiness was my birthright.

In the pursuit of perfection, in the grind of the hustle, I hadn’t stopped to think about the value of the journey.

At each critical moment, what was life’s lesson? Reflecting back and owning each one has given me the courage to move forward.

When not caught up in the hustle of perfection, I found space and capacity to work on what really matters to me.

I’m a better wife and mother.

I am able to delve deeper into a topic that I love, doing work differently. I have great joy and personal satisfaction watching clients take audacious steps towards their unlocking potential.

I am a better leader for it.

I don’t have it together, far from it. But what I have is the ability to be kinder to myself. I’m trading the hustle for the courage to be seen for who I am, not what I do. I’m embracing the journey and all that it holds.

I am enough


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