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The Career Race. Which Course Should I Take?

Everyone has their own set of dream in their heads, some wants to dress in Tom Ford suits to prove themselves in the legal world, others want to stay behind their apple computers designing. But there are some things in common for most, we want to be that successful person in our heads bringing a…
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Life Without Risks Isn’t Living

I’ve always had big dreams for my life.  I envision myself to be a person of influence and leadership no matter what career choice I end up in.  To travel across the world and speak on platforms and stages that would reach countless spheres, effecting a tangible positive change in the community. I also know that I’ve been…
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Disappointment. I am.

Words. They can either uplift you or crush you.  It’ so interesting how easy it is for us to not recognise how powerful words are. We fail to identify the repercussions of our choice of words.  Let me tell you a story of a young girl called Leah whom I met at the Purpose Workshop…
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I’m ready for my best year yet… are you?

As we close out 2018, I reflect back on the year that has been. 365 days. A lot can happen in that time. So often we focus on the headline goals we forget that it’s the journey that its when the magic happens. Over the last 12 months, I found myself in and out of…
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Say yes – what’s ahead will surprise you.

Have you ever been faced with a simple yes/ no decision? At the beginning of this year, they found an 8.6 cm tumour on my liver. As you can imagine, it rocked my world. The sleepless nights, wondering what the future held for me. Then I was presented with a simple yes/ no. A coffee…
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millennial work

Standing out from the pack: the real story behind career fairs

“Career fair” a term most university students are familiar with. I myself, have attended them frequently through my two university degrees and recently I stepped into the role of an exhibitor and it suddenly opened my eyes to a whole new world. So I thought I’d put down some of the lessons I have learnt…
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resume tips

What do employers look for in a CV?

Speaking honestly: Writing a resume can be a real drag. Updating an existing one however, can be downright painful. If you are reading this, chances are you are looking at greener pastures and about to embark on a new adventure. Well, here’s the good news: learning how to transform your outdated resume can give your…
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Faith accelus intern

A story about an internship that changed my life.

As a third year medical science student with a direct pathway into medicine you’d think I’d feel pretty secure in my future. As a university student with many curricular activities like volunteering at a youth group, being the creative events planner in a social enterprise, working as a part-time makeup artist, coaching hockey, tutoring and…
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People behind Accelus – Meet Yoanna

Meet Yoana I studied accounting because that’s what my parents wanted me to do. I got a graduate job in the field and never felt happy with what I was doing. I know I had a passion to work with people and so I pursued a career in Human Resources. I quit my job. A…
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